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Founded in 1977, Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC has helped over 25,000 clients worldwide.

From work visas and green cards, to asylum and PERM Labor Certifications, our immigration attorneys offer a wide range of immigration services across the United States.

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If you have already been to immigration court and the Board of Immigration Appeals, and neither has given the results you need, you still have more options.


Asylum immigration to the United States is open to people who have either been persecuted in their home countries or have reason to believe they will be.

Citizenship and Naturalization

Among the most rewarding experiences for a U.S. immigration and naturalization lawyer is to see a client win American citizenship.

Deportation & Removal

At Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC, our lawyers have devoted themselves to defending people in removal proceedings throughout the United States.

Employment-Based Immigration

At Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC, we know that immigration is the backbone of a healthy economy.

Family-Based Immigration

There are few things more rewarding for an immigration lawyer than helping unite or create a new family.

Investment-Based Immigration

Businesses, entrepreneurs and investors have a lot at stake in immigration, particularly for multinational business ventures.

Non-Immigration Visas

In the US, non-immigrant visas are given to foreign nationals who need to stay within the country temporarily.

Green Cards (Permanent Residency)

Green cards, or permanent residence cards, are among the most sought-after documents in the field of permanent immigration to the United States.