Building A Better Community Through Employment-Based Immigration

At Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC, we know that immigration is the backbone of a healthy economy. Our goal is to create a supportive environment that facilitates both immigration and business growth throughout the country.

Our team of attorneys has extensive experience in both employment-based immigration cases involving petitions for permanent residency and those involving temporary employment. Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC, is a premier immigration law firm with offices across the nation. Schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys at 866-837-6806

Understanding The Types Of Employment Visas Available

Employment-based immigration can be broadly divided into two labels: immigration visas, which are permanent, and nonimmigrant visas, which are temporary. Our attorneys can assist employers intending to bring workers permanent labor certification (PERM) in the United States. We also support nonimmigrant visas for a wide range of individuals, including foreign investors and health care providers.

EB Visas

EB visas typically are available for those who demonstrate extraordinary ability in their field or who offer a significant benefit to the industries in which they contribute. This may apply to high-level executives, scientists, professors and others who make significant contributions to their field or to the national interest. Visas in this category include:

  • EB-11: Immigrants of extraordinary ability
  • EB-12: Outstanding professors and researchers
  • EB-13: Multinational executives and managers
  • EB-2: National interest waiver

Visa applications in this category require substantial portfolios and other documentation to be successful. Our team has experience compiling evidence to support applications like yours.

Non-Immigrant Visas

Many nonimmigrant visas involve foreign investors and health care providers. Other nonimmigrant visas that are commonly used in employer immigration are:

These visas often require evidence of both your plans while you are in the United States and your plans to return to your country of origin. We help compile thorough and effective applications so that there are no unnecessary delays in your work.

Speak With Us About Your Immigration Needs

We maintain a department of attorneys who concentrate much of their practice on assisting companies with their immigration needs. We bring to each client the experience and knowledge gained from tens of thousands of immigration cases.

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