Who can bring their parents to live in the United States?

Many people pursue immigration opportunities because they want a better life for themselves and for the next generation of their families. Someone who secures a work visa, for example, can bring their unmarried minor children with them when they enter the United States. Their children will then have networking and educational opportunities that they would not have enjoyed in their country of origin. In many cases, family members may eventually qualify for green cards or even citizenship.

Many people who are able to enter the United States feel as though their parents contributed to their good fortune and success. They may want to share that good fortune with their parents and may even hope that their parents will provide them with support, such as childcare while they work. An immigrant can help their parents lawfully enter and live in the United States under certain circumstances.

Immigrants must naturalize to assist their parents

Those who qualify for green cards can use their status as permanent residents to help a spouse or a child gain entry to the United States. However, if someone wants to seek an immigration opportunity for a parent, they would typically need to become a citizen first. Siblings and married children also only qualify for immigration opportunities when the family member seeking to reconnect with them is a citizen.

For many immigrants, a desire to reconnect with family might be a strong enough motivator for them to pursue naturalization. The possibility of a parent or other loved one benefiting from those efforts might be enough to inspire someone to prepare for the naturalization test and complete all of the other requirements to become a citizen of the United States of America.

Of course, those already lawfully in the United States as permanent residents may have access to resources that could potentially benefit their parents still living in another country. There could potentially be other immigration opportunities that would work for a parent currently living abroad depending on the family’s circumstances.

Exploring every opportunity to support a loved one can help those who have lawfully entered the United States and who hope to help parents or other family members eventually achieve the same thing. Seeking legal guidance is a good way to start.

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