Family from Mexico Win Green Cards, Start American Dream

Jorge and Maria Saldana, came to the United States undocumented from Mexico leaving their young son, Enrique, behind with relatives but sending money every month to ensure his support and well-being.

After many years of having no immigration Status, they came to see us at Margaret W. Wong & Associates LLC and we applied for a U Visa on their behalf since Jorge and Maria had both been crime victims as well as witnesses to crimes committed in their neighborhood.

Although it took courage to come forward and risk retaliation, the couple worked with law enforcement and the criminals were ultimately apprehended and convicted.

To be sure, Jorge and Maria had inadmissibility issues, but our attorneys fought and overcame them.

Later, after years of struggle to obtain a visa for Enrique, we managed to get the young man, still under age twenty-one, beneficiary status on his parents’ U visas which allowed him to join Jorge and Maria in the United States.

Enrique is now in the USA, reunited with his parents who he had not seen for years, and the entire family has U visas.

In about three years, all three will be eligible to adjust status and obtain a green card.

In the meantime, Jorge and Maria now have work authorizations which have enabled them to earn more money and are planning to fulfill their dream of purchasing a home.

They also have social security numbers enabling them to be tax filers/tax payers as well as having a supplemental source of income when they grow older.

As for Enrique, he was tremendously inspired by the first responders during the Covid-19 pandemic so he is pursuing a nursing degree so that he can give back to his community.

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