How an engagement can open up immigration options

Falling in love with someone who lives far away from you can be a challenge. However, if you both commit to making the relationship work, the distance may not matter that much. Of course, you would likely eventually prefer to share your lives fully, a step which will probably require relocation.

If your fiance lives in another country and you are a United States citizen, you can help them legally enter the United States and potentially become a citizen in the future. What do newly engaged citizens with international fiances need to know about a fiance or K-1 visa?

K-1 visas are subject to intense scrutiny

Of all of the possible family-based visa programs that people can use to enter the United States, the K-1 visa is unique in that the relationship will be difficult to prove from a biological or legal sense. One person having an engagement ring does not necessarily mean that the fiances truly intend to spend the rest of their lives together.

Applicants will need to demonstrate a pre-existing relationship, possibly with travel records or photographs taken together. Letters that they’ve exchanged in the past and even social media posts talking about their relationship could help them demonstrate that they have pursued a legitimate relationship with one another and shared that relationship with their broader community.

The fiance must meet certain standards

The rules for visa applicants are the same regardless of whether they want to travel for a job opportunity or to marry a United States citizen. Anyone hoping to secure a K-1 visa will need to provide medical records and will also need to undergo an extensive background check. Only those who meet the established criteria will have the option of traveling to the country.

There is a countdown for your actual marriage

It can be a lengthy and frustrating process to secure a visa, and you will likely have an opportunity to plan aspects of your wedding while waiting for a visa. Once your fiance enters the United States with their K-1 visa, you will only have 90 days to officially get married.

Those who understand the rules governing K-1 visas will be in a better position to help their fiance enter the United States. Exploring different family-based immigration opportunities can help you support someone you love who wants to join you in the United States.

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