What jobs do immigrants do most often?

In some cases, people immigrate to the United States to do a specific job. For instance, maybe a chemical company is looking for a head scientist, and you have the training that they need. Employers can often help employees get green cards and other documents that they need because they want to bring them on.

In other cases, however, people simply come to the United States because they want to immigrate for other reasons. Perhaps they want to create a better life for their children, who will now be able to go to American schools. These individuals certainly may still look for jobs once they have arrived, but they are not pursuing a specific career as the reason for immigration. What types of jobs do they usually take?

Food service is very common

One of the biggest industries where immigrants work is food. They make up about 10% of the total workforce. These could be jobs in food production, distribution, processing or retail.

Additionally, many immigrants work in agriculture. This is part of the supply chain for many of these food-based industries, but they make up a significant portion of the agriculture industry itself.

Other industries that immigrants tend to work in include construction, personal services, hospitality, manufacturing and leisure. In many cases, they will take jobs in which having a language barrier is not that important. These are often manual labor jobs.

Taking the right steps

Whether you’d like to immigrate to take a specific job or just to give yourself and your family more opportunities, be sure you know exactly what steps you’ll need to take so that it all goes smoothly.



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