How can you prepare for your naturalization tests?

Your documentation status as an immigrant determines what rights you have while living in the United States. When you meet certain criteria established by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), you may qualify to apply for naturalization. Those with green cards or visas can become citizens through naturalization.

If successful, the naturalization process allows you to become a naturalized United States citizen. You will no longer have to worry about removal from the country, and the rights available to you will increase. You will be able to vote in elections, run for certain political offices and even help more of your family members enter the country. Typically, parents and siblings can only enter the country if their family member in the United States is a citizen.

To become a naturalized citizen, you will have to attend a naturalization interview conducted by the USCIS and pass two tests. How can you prepare for those two tests?

The English language test

The USCIS wants you to demonstrate your proficiency in speaking reading and writing English. You will also need to demonstrate adequate comprehension of spoken English. Practicing your language skills frequently and expanding your vocabulary can help you prepare for the English language test.

Much of the test is oral, although you will also need to read and write sentences. The USCIS provides both reading test and writing test vocabulary lists for studying. Older immigrants who have been in the country for years can sometimes qualify for an exemption so that they do not need to take the English language test.

The Civics test

To become a United States citizen, you need to understand the history and government of the United States. The USCIS has a comprehensive list of 128 questions that they could ask you during the interview. The interviewer will ask you 20 different questions from that list, and you will need to answer at least 12 of them correctly to pass. Frequently reviewing the questions on the list will improve your chances of passing.

Those who do not pass the first time they take the test may have the opportunity to retake it. Carefully preparing for your USCIS naturalization interview will increase your chances of passing the test and becoming a naturalized citizen.

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