Why Become a United States Citizen

After you receive your Green Card, what’s next? We discuss why it is important to become a United States Citizen.  Watch us answer the most common questions.

I have my Green Card – Is there a benefit to become an American Citizen?

Yes. You reduce your risk of deportation, have voting rights in U.S. Elections or become an elected official. Both also shows your Patriotism. You can travel safety in and out of the US with an official US Passport. If you need any government benefits or aids you would qualify. Have another relatives that are not US citizens? You can sponsor them to become citizens.

How do I become a U.S. Citizen / any Requirements?

If you are under the age of 18, you need to complete the N-600 and if you are over 18 the N-400. You cannot have a criminal record. The forms can be found on the USCIS Website, you can find the links by clicking on the form name. When filling out the form make sure you put all the organizations you belong go (Church, Professional or Social Clubs)

Once I become a U.S. citizen what do I need to do?

Obtain your driver license, complete any forms if you are changing your name, and apply for your United States Passport – Do NOT Travel until you receive a US Passport.

Do my children under 18 automatically become U.S. Citizens if I do? What do I need to do?

Nothing is automatic. Apply with the N-600 and make sure all your requirements are complete.

How soon can I sponsor a family member after I become a U.S. Citizen?

As soon as you receive your certificate you can sponsor your relative.

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