Does a criminal record affect my immigration?

In this Immigration Explained video we meet Attorney Richard Drucker and he discusses how a criminal record might impact your immigration process.

If I have been convicted of a crime in my country can I obtain a Visa or Green Card for the United States?

Depends on the type of crime. Minor crime, then no you can still obtain a Green Card. A crime that is a felony, involving drugs or you served over 1 year in prison, then no you are likely not able to obtain.

If I have been convicted of a crime in the U.S. can, I still get a Green Card?

Again, depends on crime. Petty offensives are not normally a barrier to obtain your Green Card.

Are there any types of criminal convictions that I cannot receive a green card?

If you commit a moral turpitude within 5 years you can be put in deportation proceedings or commit 1 aggravated felony.

How would having a Drunk Driving Conviction (DUI) impact my ability to become a legal permanent resident or a US Citizen?

An OVI conviction is not considered a criminal conviction it is a driving conviction. It should not impact your status of becoming a US Citizen.

Is there a way to have the crime removed from my record?

Most states have a way to expunge your record and have them sealed.

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