How To Find An Experienced Immigration Attorney

How to Find an Experienced Immigration Attorney

Obtaining a visa, an approved stay or a green card from the United States is a complicated process and finding an experienced immigration attorney can make the difference between getting approved and not. You want to take great care to find an experienced firm that has the wherewithal to pursue your case effectively and efficiently. Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as you search for the best legal representation.

Find a Firm That Specializes in Immigration Law

It may be tempting to work with an attorney you already know or a big firm that does some immigration cases, but you are best served to find a firm that focuses on immigration law exclusively. Much like you would not want a foot doctor to perform heart surgery, you do not want a general attorney taking on your immigration case.

Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC has successfully represented thousands of clients around the country with complex immigration legal matters of all kinds.  Our firm is ready and able to handle any kind of immigration case. We even have staff members available that speak English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Thai and many other languages. This allows us to quickly and conveniently discuss your immigration matters without the need for translators in most cases.

Make Sure Your Immigration Attorney Has Experience with Your Type of Case

Immigration matters in the United States can range from applying for work or family-related visas and green cards to asylum to deportation. Our attorneys have experience with every type of immigration case, and we’ll be able to explain our past experiences with your type of immigration case.

Ask If You Will Work With an Actual Attorney

All immigration cases require an extensive level of attention to the details of your personal circumstances. Our attorneys recognize this fact and take pride in providing an open line of communication to our clients.  We are a national recognized immigration law firm, but we’ve kept our boutique firm mindset as we’ve grown over the years. You will work directly with an experienced immigration attorney. Most big firms will not be able to deliver that personal attention and you may be delegated to a paralegal.

Check Reviews from Past Clients

Any business or professional service can be judged fairly effectively by the reviews from past clients. Our firm proudly displays a long list of our Success Stories from thousands of past immigration cases. You can quickly see that we have a long track record of successfully representing clients around the country in a vast array of complex immigration legal cases.

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