Common Issues With Green Card Applications

Green Card Applications and Common Issues

There are a number of issues that can impact United States green card applications and can result in a denial.  The complexity of the process is the best reason to find experienced legal representation to help guide your through the entire application.  We’ve put together a list of some of the most common reasons that a green card application might be denied.  Our firm also has a robust question and answer section for U.S. immigration issues where you can find detailed information about most common issues.

Criminal Record and Security Issues

Your United States green card application will most likely be denied if you have been convicted of any serious crimes.  The green card application will require you to answer many questions about your criminal history, and answering yes to any of them will require a detailed explanation of the incident.  Multiple offenses make it less likely you will be able to acquire a green card.

Health Issues

The U.S. green card application includes a medical examination by a government physician.  If you have a communicable disease, mental disorder, history of drug or alcohol abuse or you cannot prove you have received required vaccinations, then your green card application can be denied. Margaret W. Wong & Associates have helped thousands of clients across the country prepare for the medical exam and gather the necessary documentation to complete this process.

Likely to Become Dependent on Government

You will need to be prepared to prove that you are not likely to become dependent on the U.S. government for medical care and financial assistance during the green card application.  Our firm can help you prepare an affidavit of support if necessary or determine if you are part of a class of immigrants that do not require it.

Failure to Complete Application or Appointments

When you are completing a U.S. green card application, you need to be prepared to gather and submit a long list of forms and documents.  There are also many different fees that are also associated with the green card application process and you can see a complete breakdown on the Department of Homeland Security website.  Any mistakes on submitted forms or missing required documents can result in the denial of a green card application.

Opportunity to Reopen Case if Denied

If you filed for your green card in the US and the application was denied, you may be able to file an appeal or motion to reopen the case.  There are generally 30-day time limits on this opportunity, so you’ll want to work with an attorney to get your forms submitted as quickly as possible.

Since there are many common ways that a green card application can be denied, it is smart to find an experienced immigration attorney before you begin the process.  At Margaret W. Wong & Associates, we have guided tens of thousands of clients through the green card application process and have assisted them with many other complex immigration matters.  Contact us today at (216)-566-9908 to schedule a consultation or reach out to us online.

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