Opening of the Jewish Discovery Center in Lakewood

On Wednesday afternoon, December 15th, we went to the grand opening of the Jewish Discovery Center on Madison Avenue in Lakewood which has the distinction of being the first official Jewish space in the history of Lakewood.

The Center was established as part of the Chabad movement and we learned from Rabbi Mendel Jacobs, and his wife, Devora, that Torah classes will indeed by taught at the Center but, moreover, it will be a gathering place where all will be welcomed regardless of religious affiliation.

Along these lines, the Center will be a locale for Yoga classes and fun activities, like Mommy and Me, as well as a service center for those in need.

Instrumental in founding the Center was our good friend, Ms. Mariely Luengo and Ms. Laura Kerns, who is now the Center’s project manager. Lakewood Mayor Meghan George conducted the ribbon-cutting and said that the establishment of the Center was long overdue, and she looked forward to partnering with those involved.

Ohio State Center Nickie Antonio sent a proclamation that read, in part, that “this dedication convincingly demonstrates how very much can be accomplished by a group of conscientious people with clear objectives and firm resolve.”

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