Holiday Celebration at the East Cleveland Library

After we left Lakewood, we drove to the East Cleveland Public Library to attend the holiday celebration that was put on by the East Cleveland Democratic Organization largely in the Greg L. Reese Performing Arts Center.

We were invited to this gathering by East Cleveland Councilperson-At-Large Nathaniel Martin who we had met the previous week at a judicial fundraiser. We had found Councilperson Martin to be a very knowledgeable and personable man and we looked forward to visiting with him again.

At the beginning of the program, however, it was announced that Councilperson Martin had been taken ill quite suddenly and was recuperating in a local hospital.

Indeed, everyone at the library was saddened by this news and prayers were offered for Councilperson Martin who the last we heard was resting comfortably.

Later, everyone would go down to the basement for some great food but at this point the attention was focused on the entertainment provided by Cleveland City Councilperson Kevin Conwell’s “Footprints” that included several songs performed by Ms. Myla Burton including “Let’s Stay Together” that really uplifted mood.

Of course, several local politicians gave brief speeches and these included Mr. Chris Ronayne, former Mayor of University Circle, and Mayor Annette Blackwell of Maple Heights, who will both be candidates for Cuyahoga County Executive next year.

In addition, our good friend, Dr. Patricia Blochowiak, Councilperson-at-Large elect for East Cleveland, talked about the success of the Little Free Libraries project and thanked several contributors like Ms. [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] for donating generously to it.

Also speaking was Mr. Khalil Seren, the Mayor-elect of Cleveland Heights, who said that communities like East Cleveland and Cleveland Heights were partners in the progression of the region and by working together they are even more powerful.

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