Mexico Student in USA Graduates, Employed with H-1B, Later Green Card and Citizenship; Sponsors Parents Already in US on L-1 Visas for Their Green Cards

[Please note: The Client’s name and case key details may have been altered to preserve the identity of the client. This Success Story is not intended to be an offer of service or case plan. Every case is unique. The Success Story is presented for information purposes only.]

Carmen came to the United States from Mexico to attend college on an F-1 student visa. Shortly after she graduated, she went to work for a company in Knoxville, TN that sponsored her for a H-1B visa and an I-140 employer-based green card. Later, Carmen became a legal permanent resident and later a citizen of the United States.

All of this was done with the help of the [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″]. Wong team in Nashville; therefore, in 2018, Carmen came back to us, this time hoping to sponsor her parents, Victor and Teresa, for legal permanent residency.

Conveniently, Carmen’s parents were already in the United States on L-1 visas because they both worked for an international corporation which had an offshoot in Florida. Subsequently, it wasn’t a problem to collect the necessary documentation and file packages for both Teresa and Victor in March of 2019.

In fact, Carmen, who earned enough to be her parents sole sponsor, had more of a problem collecting all her tax returns for the past several years which involved collecting copies from three accountants since a fire had destroyed recently destroyed the wooden file cabinet where she kept her own financial records, but all the required paperwork was properly submitted.

In late 2019, Carmen proudly accompanied her parents to their USCIS interview which a representative from our legal team also attended. For sure, the interview only took a half hour and we departed with nothing but optimism.

Our positive feelings proved to be justified because in the first month of 2020, before the Covid-19 pandemic hit and hit hard, Victor and Teresa became legal permanent residents of the United States.

Certainly, Carmen felt very emotionally fulfilled because her parents had always been very supportive of her, so she welcomed the opportunity to give back to them.

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