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Cleveland-Bratislava Sister Cities

We looked forward to attending the meeting of the Cleveland-Bratislava Sister Cities organization because there were no meetings in either January or February due to the cold weather. The literature says it well when it states that one of the purposes of this organization is "creating an environment in which people learn about and enjoy the culture of Slovakia." On this particular night, Ms. Mary Jo Mallchock engaged us all in the Slovakian Easter tradition of decorating Easter eggs. We have tried to do this several times (including last year) and keep getting better at it. Our green egg with different colored polka dots was our best effort (and a worthy one at that) and some eggs decorated by other members were just plain beautiful.

Before the meeting we talked to a person who had once gone to Margaret W. Wong for help in helping some friends who wanted to immigrate to the United States from the Ukraine. He told us that he respected Ms. Wong for her honesty.

We learned that Mr. Phil Brasfield had spent some time in Bratislava as a Peace Corps volunteer after he retired working in the areas of historical preservation and landscaping. He liked it so much that he returned there to help out several times as a private citizen after he left the Peace Corps.

We also learned about some interesting things coming up like a Czech film titled "Fair Play" that will be shown at the Cleveland Film Festival. A young filmmaker named Peter from Bratislava (currently attending Ohio University) will be coming to Cleveland for the film festival and it was suggested that several of us may take him out to dinner. Mr. Bill Northrup told us about a Slovakian photography exhibition scheduled to take place at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History later this year and, in addition, we also learned that the Cleveland Philharmonic will be doing a concert in Bratislava late in 2015 in which the Cleveland Agreement will be recognized. We hope to attend all of the Cleveland events.

Lastly, it was very nice of Ms. Paula Tilisky to congratulate us about receiving an honorable mention at the Heroes Behind the Scenes tribute at Tower City in February. She was there because someone from her place of employment was being honored too.

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