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One of the greatest bakeries in Northeast Ohio has proclaimed February 17th 2015 Pączki Day!

And we're ready to celebrate, too.

Truth be known, the MWW Immigration Center picked up its Pączkis over the weekend, and enjoyed creme and poppy seed and apple and blueberry and cherry-filled (oh my!) Pączkis on the Fat Tuesday Eve.  But we're ready for more!

What's more while many will celebrate Ash Wednesday in a more somber mood, those celebrating Chinese New Years will wish for Pączkis on Wednesday, too.  Oh, there'll be plenty else to eat -- many celebrating Chinese New Years are taking the Vancouver Dispensation to heart, and reserving another day for observing "From ashes we come, and to ashes we return."

So let's take this rare opportunity to all become Shrove Tuesday celebrants on February 17th, and all become Chinese New Years celebrants on Wednesday.

Pączki Day!  Pączki Day!  Pączki Day!