India Man Freed from ICE Prison and Granted Bail

by | Nov 7, 2023 | Success Stories

Our client from India entered the US from Canada without inspection in 2004. He remained in the United States working at a gas station.

An aggressive form of oral cancer left him severely disfigured.

When he found himself Imprisoned for deportation, and held without bond at the Northwest ICE Processing Facility in Tacoma, Washington, our client hired our law firm, and Robert A. Ratliff, Esq, immigration attorney and senior litigator with Margaret W. Wong and Associates, filed and got our client’s conviction vacated.

While a previous bond request was denied by the judge, because his conviction was vacated, this material change in his circumstances permitted under the law a new bond request.

So Attorney Ratliff submitted an appeal of the bond denial with the Bureau of Immigration Appeals (BIA), and our client was released and granted the lowest bond possible.