Texas Governor Transports Group of 42 Migrants to Los Angeles

by | Jun 16, 2023 | Firm News

A group of migrants, consisting of 42 individuals, arrived in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday following a lengthy bus journey from the Texas border. Texas Governor Greg Abbott expressed relief at their removal, attributing it to the strain caused by the influx of people illegally crossing the border from Mexico. Abbott emphasized that Texas would continue providing support until the border is secured under President Biden’s administration.

The migrants, including eight children and several elderly individuals, were offered food, shelter, and legal assistance at a nearby church in downtown Los Angeles. According to immigration advocates, some of the passengers originated from Venezuela, Guatemala, and Honduras, with a few individuals of African and Asian descent.

The circumstances surrounding the migrants’ journey, including whether they willingly undertook it and their awareness of the destination, remain unclear.

While Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass was away on a planned trip to Washington, D.C., city and county officials had already initiated preparations in response to the news that Los Angeles was on Governor Abbott’s list of sanctuary cities. In a statement, Bass condemned the exploitation of human beings for political gain and assured that the city was prepared and resolute in the face of such actions by Republican governors.