What is the goal of a green card marriage interview?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Immigration Explained

Immigrants may find themselves in a position where they have to attend an interview with an agent from the USCIS. This situation can often feel rather concerning because they know that their immigration status may hang in the balance.

When it comes to a green card marriage interview, there are no answers that are right and there are few answers that can be considered “wrong.” So, what is the point of this interview process?

Assessing if the marriage is legitimate

Overall, the interview process is designed to help immigration officials determine whether a particular marriage is legitimate or fraudulent. Those who are in genuine relationships may be able to use the interview process to strengthen their petition to secure a green card for a spouse who is an immigrant, if the other spouse is an American citizen. However, the government does worry about people engaging in fraudulent relationships simply to secure a green card, so individuals who are in fraudulent marriages do have reason to be concerned about the interview process.

You can’t study for this interview because it is going to be focused primarily on your day-to-day life. Immigration officials may ask you questions about what the two of you do on a daily basis, where you live, where you like to go out to eat and things of this nature. They may also talk to you about your past relationship experiences, such as discussing when the two of you met, where you went on a first date and where you proposed.

For you and your spouse, the goal is not to provide the “correct” answers, but to show that you both answer similarly. This approach demonstrates the foundation of your relationship through knowledge that a married couple should generally have about one another. A couple pretending to be in a relationship may give answers that are unreasonably different or the spouses may seem like they just don’t know each other very well.

As you move closer to an interview date or you move through any other particularly stressful part of the immigration process, it is important that you know what legal steps are necessary and what options you have available to you. That way, you’ll better ensure the success of your petition.