Immigration Fraud & Frivolous Applications

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Immigration Explained

We discuss the difference between immigration fraud and frivolous applications and some of the consequences. Please remember: just tell the truth on all immigration applications.

What is immigration fraud?

Material misrepresentation is when you say your married when divorced or change your last name or birthdate. There is also document fraud which is identity theft.

What could happen if I am caught after doing this?

Fines, jail or deportation.  Check all paperwork to make sure all is correct

The federal government is also very worried about fraudulent/frivolous applications, what does that mean? Is there a difference between fraudulent and frivolous?

Fraudulent applications refer to misrepresentation on documents. Frivolous applications are lying on marriage or asylum applications and will not be granted benefits.

What are the consequences of filing a fraudulent/frivolous application?

Depends on the type of filing filed.