Francis Fungsang Presented Immigration Opportunities for Business People at 2020 Global Virtual B2B Summit conducted by the Parma Area Chamber of Commerce and the Collaborative Chambers Alliance

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Firm News, Immigration Explained

On the morning of Tuesday, September 29th, Mr. Francis Fungsang, a partner at Margaret W. Wong & Associates LLC who works out of its Cleveland office, gave a short but very informative presentation regarding visas available to foreign-born people seeking to work or conduct business here in the United States.

The occasion was the 2020 Global Virtual Business to Business Summit conducted by the Parma Area Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Collaborative Chambers Alliance which represents 2,700 entities in Northeast Ohio.

The purpose of this virtual gathering was “to promote inclusion and diversity while showcasing businesses and connecting them to potential customers.”

During his five-minute address, Mr. Fungsang covered such topics as investment based and worker visas, as well as EB-5’s and H-1B’s, as well as the challenges facing people seeking to obtain a visa at this time due to COVID-19 or policies of the current administration in Washington DC. Nevertheless, Mr. Fungsang made it clear that options do remain and are well-worth exploring.

When he concluded, Mr. Terry Killeen of FirstEnergy, who was moderating this section of the program, complimented him saying that he was “very impressed” by Mr. Fungsang’s knowledge and what he had to share.