Classical Spanish Guitar Concert in Shaker Heights

| Apr 18, 2022 | Firm News

On Saturday evening, November 20th, we went to the Plymouth Church of Shaker Heights on Coventry Road to attend a concert featuring Ms. Andrea Gonzalez Caballero who has been deservedly hailed by Opera World Magazine to be “the female voice of the Spanish guitar.”

This viewpoint was certainly upheld by Ms. Gonzalez Caballero’s performance wherein she offered her own stunning musical interpretations of works by acclaimed Spanish composers.

During the Q and A afterwards, she discussed her own background and inspirations and we thus learned that she is from the Basque region of Spain, has been playing the guitar since she was seven, holds several degrees from prominent institutions, and is currently studying for her doctorate.

What’s more, this is Ms. Gonzalez Caballero’s first visit to Cleveland and, earlier this week, she performed at two schools where the pupils were reportedly “mesmerized” by her music.

Although we hesitated to ask about Ms. Gonzalez Caballero’s immigration status, let us just say that, based on what we heard, she certainly merits consideration for a talent visa.

The program was presented by the Cleveland Classical Guitar Society which was “founded on the belief that music can create positive social change.”

This principle was amplified during the “spotlight on education” portion of the program when four student performers from the Society’s guitar classes shared with us their renditions of “A Long Walk to Water” and “Good Times”.