Asylee Status Granted after Ten Years Fight, With Criminal Conviction in Record

| Apr 14, 2022 | Firm News, Success Stories

Mrs. W came to the U.S 20 years ago with a tourist visa and filed her asylum based on Chinese family-planning policy within one year of her entry. Unfortunately, after the asylum interview, her case was referred to court. That’s how she started her long fight for a legal status with immigration courts.

When she contacted our firm, it was in 2013 when her Master Calendar was already scheduled. Our attorney appeared for her first hearing. While waiting for her Individual hearing, she moved to a different state, and we had to change venue. What made things more difficult was that she had a conviction sometime before the individual hearing. One of our attorneys in the firm handled her criminal charges to minimize the negative affect to her immigration case.

Due to uncontrollable factors, her hearing was rescheduled by the immigration court till 2021. Our attorney prepared all required documents and submitted to court in advance. She was also prepared for the hearing throughout three sessions with our attorney. With confidence, our attorney appeared at the hearing, argued for her asylum claim, and explained the criminal convictions. A couple weeks later, we received the Immigration Judge’s decision of granting her asylum claim.

It is such a great news for her since she waited for this moment for ten years! It was also a great team work for our firm! We warmly congratulate her and will help her to file her green card application one year later!