Employment Based Immigration

The law firm of Margaret W. Wong and Associates, LLC has a department that concentrates much of their practice on assisting companies with their immigration needs. We bring to each client the experience and knowledge gained from tens of thousands of immigration cases. We have extensive experience in both immigrant visas, which allow for permanent residency in the United States, and non-immigrant visas, which allow employees to work in the country temporarily.

Immigrant Visas

Our attorneys can assist employers intending to bring workers permanent labor certification / PERM in the United States by procuring any of the following immigrant visas:

Non-Immigrant Visas

Many non-immigrant visas involve foreign investors and health care providers. Foreign investors and treaty traders need E visas, which are meant to encourage economic exchange between the United States and applicable countries. Health care professionals typically need J-1 waivers or, for temporary nurses, H-1C visas.

Other non-immigrant visas that are commonly used in employer immigration are:

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