If you have already been to immigration court and the Board of Immigration Appeals, and neither has given the results you need, you have more options. The attorneys of Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC can bring your case before federal courts. We are one of the premier immigration law firms in the United States, and have extensive knowledge of federal immigration law.

The Law on Immigration and Federal Court Litigation

Federal immigration appeals can apply to any case, but most often involve very serious matters, such as:

After the Board of Immigration Appeals denies your case, you can file a Petition for Review with the federal appellate court having jurisdiction over the case. This must be done within 30 days of the Board’s decision.

If the Board of Immigration Appeals has denied your case, you should immediately contact our office so that our lawyers can review your case and determine whether you should file a Petition for Review with the federal appellate court. Our office represents clients in federal appellate courts throughout the United States.

A History of Success

We have had many recent favorable decisions from federal appellate courts. In one case, our client was pursuing asylum when her case was denied by the Board of Immigration Appeals. Our lawyers took her case to the Sixth Circuit Appellate Court, which agreed that the Board did not consider the argument that our client did not overstay her voluntary departure. Our Success Stories: Federal Court Appeals page has more information about this and other past cases.

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