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Convencion Hispana 2016 Leadership Reception

On Thursday, July 28th, we went to the Convencion Hispana 2016 Leadership Reception that was held at Moncho's Bar and Grill on Denison Avenue.

IMG_3210It was organized by and the Hispanic Roundtable for the purpose of bringing the leaders of Cleveland's ethnic communities together in order to, as Mr. Jose Feliciano, Founder and President of the Hispanic Roundtable told us, "develop relationships so if we have an issue in the future we can work together."

Accordingly, there were about 100 RSVP's to this reception and about 75 people showed up including old friends of ours like Cleveland City Councilwoman Dona Brady, Mr. Dan Hanson, Ms. Debbie Hanson, Mr. Akililu Demessie, Mr. Angel Galvan, Ms. Sherrie Miday, Ms. Erika Puussaar, Ms. Connie Atkins, Mr. Bill Holdipp, Ms. Annie Ying Pu, Ms. Jennifer Feiera, Dr. Janice Gonzalez, Ms. Kim Kirkendall, Ms. Anita Kazarian, Mr. Johnny Wu, Mr. Alex Machaskee, Ms. Magda Gomez, Ms. Nada Martinovic, Mr. Asim Datta, Ms. Sujata Lakhe Barnard, Mr. Bill Barnard, Judge Ralph Perk, Jr., Mr. Wael Khoury, Mr. Tom Scanlon, Mr. Dan Ortiz, Mr. Joseph Meissner, Ms. Gia Hoa Ryan, Ms. IMG_3193 Barbara Hawkins, Ms. Lucy Torres, Ms. Mari Galindo DaSilva, Reverend Omar Medina, Ms. Ingrida Bublys, Mr. Anil Kumar Singh, Mr. Samy Tanious, Mr. Alassane Fall,  Mr. Harry Weller, and Mr. Zenon A. Domanski.

Of course we were all looking ahead to the actual Convencion Hispana which takes place every three years and is set to happen this year on Saturday, October 8th at Max Hayes High School. Its literature describes it as "a free assembly providing education , empowerment, health and workforce development resources for Northeast Ohio's Latino community."

In an article we were given from "Kaleidoscope Magazine" Business Issue 2013 (the last year this occurred) Mr. Feliciano was quoted as saying, "At Convencion we set our agenda and have workshops to train people on how to accomplish the objectives of the agenda and to use our resolutions in the IMG_3191interim to broker with institutions in Cleveland. It gives us a sense of direction and literally guides our path for the future and helps to frame and support those who are helping us."

We enjoyed chatting with Mr. Bob Haas who was inducted into the Hall of Fame along with Ms. Margaret W. Wong in 2010. We also met Mr. Jerry Pena for the first time who has ran many campaigns pertaining to immigration/a path in citizenship in Florida.

We want to credit Ms. Miriam Hernandez, who works with the Hispanic Roundtable and will be the program manager at Convencion Hispana, for her role in putting this evening together.

We especially want to thank Natalie, Ericka, Diana, Jaime, Lorena, and Diane for doing such a good job serving us at Moncho's.


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

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