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Annual Festival Celebrating The Rich Diversity of Greater Cleveland

A great international event showcasing the beautiful mosaic of our city took place this past Sunday, October 2, at the 20161002_160049 Cleveland Museum of Arts.  This International Cleveland Community Day is “an annual festival celebrating the rich diversity of Greater Cleveland”.  It was such a powerful and dynamic presentation of more than 50 ethnic and community groups showcasing the continued vibrant and beautiful mosaic of our global cultures, arts, folklore music, songs, and inspiring performances of those groups.   20161002_144501

As the Public Relations Administrator, Arabic Translator at Margaret W. Wong & Associates, I have had the pleasure of attending the whole event and had our table displaying the various outreach materials, some of which were printed in various languages, including Chinese, Punjabi, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic, reflecting the diverse immigrant populations that we serve at our Law Firm, and speaking the languages of the same potential and future clients, who enjoyed talking to us in their native languages and obtaining all kinds of visa information from our table, ranging from Immigrant visa, Asylum, Work Permit, and how to assist in stopping deportation proceedings, to the wide 20161002_131607arrays of investment visas that people from around the globe would aspire to use our legal and most helpful services for.

During the noon hour performances and activities’ peak time, I was joined by two Colleagues of mine from our office, Mr. Gordon Landefeld, and Ms. Swati Vig, who were very engaged with the groups and were of great help to me when I was speaking to a lot of potential clients with respect to our marketing and public relations and outreach roles at the event.The event program started around 11:00 with singing Happy Birthday by CSU Confucius Institute, Chinese Cultural  Garden Association, and Chinese  School (CCCCS), to continue with  Tam Tam Magic West African Drum and Dance 20161002_122218Ensemble, to show case the performances of the other 27 cultural and ethnic folklore singing and performances that covered the beautiful mosaic of the Asian, Hispanic, East and West European, to Middle Eastern, Israeli Hebrew and Arabic, Lebanese Folk Dance and art shows, to end at 3:57 with singing Happy Birthday again by CSU Confucius Institute, Chinse Cultural  Association, and Chinese School (CCCS).

Additionally, this multicultural/multinational event was also attended by people form almost all walks of life, especially leaders in the academic arena, as well as official public figures from the Cleveland area and the surrounding suburbs.  To 20161002_122414my nice surprise, I met with Dr. Jerry Sue Thornton, former Tri-C president, and a great friend of Mrs. Margaret W. Wong.  While telling Dr. Thornton about our global outreach and activities at our Law Firm, I had the chance to chat with her about my former international students at Tri-C and discussed and explained to her aboutour continued services assisting some of those same and new students when I spoke about our “Foreign-Born and F-1 visa Retention Program”:  Beyond Optional Practical Training, (OPT) and H1-B visa, Pathway to Green Card, and future opportunities for international students in North East Ohio and in the U.S. as a whole.

By:  George Koussa, Public Relations Administrator

And Arabic Translator-Interpreter

Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC

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