Your Rights As An Asylum Seeker Are More Important Than Ever

If you come to America seeking asylum, you have already been through enough. Unfortunately, you will still need to contend with the immigration system when you get here. This can be treacherous, especially without the right legal preparations. At Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC, we believe you deserve honest, reliable and personalized help.

Asylum immigration to the United States is open to people who have either been persecuted in their home countries or have reason to believe they will be. At 866-837-6806 our lawyers fight hard for our clients in asylum and immigration appeals, using the knowledge and experience that comes with tens of thousands of successful immigration cases. We have offices across the country; schedule a time to come into one of our locations.

Do You Qualify For Asylum?

Political asylum is meant to protect people victimized by persecution because of:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Political opinion or party membership
  • Group membership

If you or a loved one is seeking asylum, it is important to know that you can apply if you are in the United States illegally or are here on an expired visa. You do not need to stop at a border crossing or otherwise notify the country beforehand.

Understanding The Basic Process

Typically, you must file for asylum within a year of entering the United States, but exceptions are often possible. Your application must include evidence of your situation, and the courts can be very particular. Our attorneys can help you demonstrate the validity of your fears of persecution and get you the asylum you need. We have the resources and experience to take your case to immigration court, the Board of Immigration Appeals, or any federal appellate court. Once you get asylum, you can then apply for a green card (aka permanent residency) and, eventually, citizenship.

Providing Humanitarian Relief For Asylum Seekers

Asylum protections include both the legal status that allows you to remain in the United States as well as access to a wide network of social support systems that can help you adjust to life here. This can include substantial help with housing, education, work training and more.

Success Stories In Asylum And Immigration Appeals

As one of the most successful and well-known immigration law firms in the country, we have helped many people get asylum. In one case, our attorneys represented a Chinese national who was beaten for demonstrating against the Chinese government in the Tiananmen Square uprising and for being a member of the Falun Gong.

The federal government challenged his asylum claim, and we took the case to immigration court. After four hours of testimony, our client was asked to demonstrate five steps of Falun Gong. He did so flawlessly and won asylum.

Talk To Our Team About Your Asylum Petition

Our office has locations across the United States. Every one of our locations has the resources and experience to support your asylum application. We are glad to help you find a new life and safety here in the United States. Call us at 866-837-6806 or send us an email today.