Plexus- the LGBT & Allied Chamber of Commerce

On Thursday evening, March 7th, we attended the 2019 Annual Meeting of Plexus, the LGBT & Allied Chamber of Commerce, whose mission is “to provide proactive business development for the LGBT business community and allies.” The gathering took place at the Agora Theatre on Euclid Avenue. Some 175 people attended, prompting Ms. Michelle Tomallo, President of Plexus, to recall how far they had come. Only 50 people, mostly men representing corporations,

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Why Marriage Matters Ohio

On Monday, April 20th, we didn’t think that we had any events to attend so we were working out on the exercise bike at the gym and watching the large screen TV when it was announced that the Cleveland City Council was going to be voting on a resolution in support of gay marriage at the city council meeting at 7pm. We knew that Ms. Margaret W. Wong is very

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