Tel Aviv’s Graffiti Art Movement

On Sunday, March 10th, we went to the Maltz Museum to attend a program titled “Tel Aviv’s Graffiti Art Movement,” which featured a lecture by Ms. Elinoy Kisslove, a very talented and renowned Israeli Graffiti artist. Ms. Kisslove spoke about how she was inspired to do her first graffiti in 2011 by the poor treatment that a woman received for dressing in what some believed to be an inappropriate fashion.

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Ari and Abigail’s Passport to Israel Book Signing

After we left the Maslenitsa Festival and Sunday, March 3rd, we headed over the the Maltz Museum on Richmond Road in Beachwood in order to take part in a book launch event for Ari and Abigail’s Passport to Israel, a children’s book written by Ms. Dahlia Fisher, the Maltz Museum’s Director of External Relations, and illustrated by Ms. Fisher’s good friend Ms. Amy Jindra, art director for Lands’ End, inspired by

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Presidents’ Day at the Maltz Museum

Monday, February 18th, was Presidents’ Day; we headed over to the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage on Richmond Road in Beachwood for the 2019 annual Friends of the Maltz Museum Presidents’ Day Celebration. The gathering was mostly aimed at young families and the children were given the opportunity to create masks of U.S. Presidents like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. They also took part in a project called “If I

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David Ben-Gurion at the Maltz Museum

On Tuesday, January 15th, we went to the Maltz Museum on Richmond Road in Beachwood for attend a Daytime Coffee Talk in which Dr. Peter J. Haas, the Abba Hillel Silver Professor Emeritus at CWRU, spoke about David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister and Founder of the State of Israel. During the presentation, we sat next to Ms. Erika Gold, a neat lady who volunteers countless hours of her time

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