Green Card

I-601A Waiver Allowed to apply for a Green Card

On the Path to a Green Card: I-601A

Coming to America Our client, Mr. W, was born in China in 1972. He came to the U.S. as a young man seeking a better life in 1997. While immigration authorities denied his application for a Green Card in 2001, he continued living and working in the United States, still seeking his American dream. In 2007, he married another Chinese immigrant. His wife’s sister had come to the U.S. in

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Green Card Family

Complicated case ends with Green Cards for entire family!

In January 2007, USCIS sent interview notices for the mother and youngest daughter only, forgetting about the oldest daughter, for whom we submit a Mandamus Complaint. We insisted that they needed to set an interview for the oldest daughter before she turned 21. In the meantime, we discovered that both the oldest and youngest daughters had criminal records with Juvenile Court (for under aged alcohol possession and other). We followed

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