For Chinese Couple

Finding Love at Last Mr. K was born in Hong Kong in 1961. In 1986, he came to the United States as a student. He continued living quietly in the USA for many years after his studies, but never married. That all changed when, at the age of 51, he met a woman through some mutual friends. The only problem was that she lived in New York and he in

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NAFTA 2.0 and US Trade Policy

NAFTA vs the USMCA On March 12, 2019, I went to an event sponsored by the Cleveland Council on World Affairs at the Union Club. The speaker was Dr. Geoffrey Gertz, a Fellow at the Brookings institute and an expert in international relations and economics. The topic for the night was “NAFTA 2.0 and the Future of American Trade Policy.” Dr. Gertz began his talk by clearly outlining the topics

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Chinese Chamber of Commerce New Year

On Friday evening, February 22nd, we went to the 2019 Chinese New Year Annual Event put on by the Greater Cleveland Chinese Chamber of Commerce (GCCCC) which, on this occasion, took place at the Old Brooklyn Winery on Memphis Avenue. As its mission statement reads, “the Greater Cleveland Chinese Chamber of Commerce is a 501 (c)(6) non-profit organization serving Chinese and American business communities in Northeast Ohio. Cleveland Chinese Chamber

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Chinese Academy of Cleveland New Year

On Saturday, February 2nd, our first event for the day was the Chinese New Year Celebration put on by the Chinese Academy of Cleveland (CAoC) at that took place in the late morning at Shaker Heights Middle School. CAoC’s mission is “to promote Chinese culture and teaching Chinese language to our next generation” and its goal is “to foster an environment where not only are children building a strong foundation through speaking,

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Green Card for New Parents

Ms. C was born in China. She went to school in China and then Japan before coming to the United States. She entered the U.S. legally on a B-2 Visa and moved to Chicago. One day, at a mall, she met a young American medical researcher. Soon, she discovered that she was unexpectedly expecting. He immediately proposed and they were soon married. They moved together to Maryland and then began

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I-751 Petition for Permanent Green Card

Green Card Challenges Ms. B was born in China. While she was still there, she met and married a U.S. citizen. She wanted to come to the United States and get her Green Card, so her husband began the process for her. She was able to get a temporary Green Card and began living in the United States. Soon, filed an I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residences. Unfortunately, the

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I-601A Waiver Allowed to apply for a Green Card

On the Path to a Green Card: I-601A

Coming to America Our client, Mr. W, was born in China in 1972. He came to the U.S. as a young man seeking a better life in 1997. While immigration authorities denied his application for a Green Card in 2001, he continued living and working in the United States, still seeking his American dream. In 2007, he married another Chinese immigrant. His wife’s sister had come to the U.S. in

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