I-601A Waiver for an Indian Man

Coming to America

In 2004, our client came to the United States from India after crossing the border illegally in Mexico. He was only 20 years old at the time and was not married. After a few years, he met and married his wife and they started a family together. Her family was also from India but she, like their new son, was an American citizen. She wanted to apply for a green card for her husband but she could not because of his illegal status. She was not sure what to do. Luckily, she heard of Margaret W. Wong & Associates and we took up their case.

Our Team Overcomes Obstacles

Instead of just filing one type of application, our immigration lawyers and staff work on several strategies at the same time to help our client. For example, we helped her husband gain a valid work permit; however, our focus always remained on getting him a green card. To overcome his illegal entry, we had to file an I-601A Waiver that demonstrated extreme hardship to our client’s wife and son. Our team gathered many documents to support their application and marshalled compelling arguments for their case. Soon, we heard that immigration authorities wanted yet more evidence. Undeterred, we filed additional documentation to prove the hardship our client’s family would experience if he were deported. This time, the application was approved. We can now help our client work to apply for his Green Card while he continues to live with his family.

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