U-Visa for Guatemalan Woman

U0Visa For Guatemalan Woman Granted

Hard Life in the USA

Ms. E came from Guatemala to the USA seeking a better life in 2005. Border patrol officers caught her and she entered immigration proceedings. An Immigration Judge ordered her to be deported after she failed to come to her hearing. While in the United States, she got married to a U.S. Citizen. Sadly, this marriage was not a happy one at all. Her husband was verbally and physically abusive. One day, he struck her in the head with a broken bottle and she was seriously injured. Ms. E had to have 21 stitches and was left scarred, both physically and mentally. Her second husband, though, treats her with kindness and they have started a family. She wanted to stay in the United States.


Ms. E came to Margaret W. Wong & Associates for help. Because of the troubles in her past, we immediately realized that she could file a U-Visa for her. A U-Visa is a type of Visa for immigrants who have been seriously harmed while in the U.S. and who help authorities with the investigation of the crime. Our team helped her document the case and file her application; we also ensured that she would not have to pay the application fee, due to her financial situation.

Trouble in the Way

While this application was pending, she was accused of domestic violence herself and was jailed by immigration authorities. They soon realized that she had a removal order and she was due to be deported. Ms. E had lost her passport and her deportation was delayed; our attorney, Fabiola Cini, acted quickly and filed a Motion to Reopen her case that stopped the deportation entirely. Meanwhile, our client had been languishing in jail. She was not receiving proper treatment for her medical problems and was being harassed by one of the other inmates. We relentlessly contacted the jail until her conditions improved. Even after all our efforts, however, her case was looking bleak.

Overcoming Obstacles

To the joy of all, one day, we heard that her U-Visa was approved. She got out of jail only two days before Christmas, just in time to spend the holiday with her family. Because of her U-Visa, we were also able to get her second husband a Work Permit. Soon, we will help the family apply for Green Cards. This was a team effort by many of our staff and we are so happy to see that Ms. E has overcome her troubled past and is on the road to legal residency.

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