O-1 Visa: Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement

Do you have a favorite YouTube videographer who has millions of followers? Do you know a Nobel prize winner, business leader, or baseball player who was born outside the United States, but enjoys Legal Permanent Residency in the United States – or even citizenship? The O-1 Visa for Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement, and other “Talent Visas,” are the USA’s invitation to highly talented individuals to live, work, raise families and achieve their American Dream for as long as they choose. Talent Visas assist people from all over the world to make America better than ever before. Read here the ways Margaret W. Wong & Associates has assisted the world’s talented people obtain their Green Cards.

Violinist gets I-140 approved for extraordinary ability

Our client is a 29-year-old male born in China. He came to us after receiving a Notice of Intent to Deny his I-140 Immigrant Petition filed by another law firm. The client was seeking to classify himself as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability as defined by INA §203(b)(1)(A) based on his achievements as a violinist. We had only 30 days to respond to the NOID which set forth all of

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Approval for athlete

Was not prepared A young promising swimmer who has competed internationally hired us last year to file for EB-11 alien of extraordinary ability while visiting US on B visa. Since client was not prepared for the filing before he came to the US so he basically had very little documentation of his achievement, and he did not even know whom to go for support letters and was not even sure

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Fracture mechanics engineer approved for eb11 i-140 and Green Card

Our team was thrilled to inform a recent client that his EB-11 I-140 petition was approved. Our client, a fracture mechanics engineer, is a skilled and innovative researcher highly respected among his peers, but was at times unsure of the larger significance of his technical achievements. Our attorney worked closely with the client, reviewing his technical works and publications, in order to be able to explain the originality and significance

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Chinese chemical scientist awarded O-1 Visa

A major Ohio corporate client of our office urgently needed to hire a Chinese chemical scientist who was working as a post-doctorate fellow at a university of another state. He had an H-1b that would expire on 9/30/2008, to conduct cutting edge research in rechargeable battery. We started working on the case on August 18, 2008. Although we have assured the alien that we would have no problem to get

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Climate change scientist receives O-1 Visa after H-1b visa expires

O-1, non immigrant work visa under alien of extraordinary ability: Our client is a Chinese scientist who studies the climate of earth with a major University in Ohio. He had worked in the U.S. for 6 years on an H-1B but could not decide if he should go back to China or continue to work in the U.S. He made his decision to stay at the last minute, a few

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Recruited squash coach receives O-1 Visa

A local sports facility asked us to file an urgent O-1 visa petition ( work visa for alien of extraordinary ability) to get their newly recruited squash coach to come to the United States from the United Kingdom to fill out a vacancy and start coaching new students and managing the training program right away. Because of our office’s many years of experience and reputation in working with international squash

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Racquetball player receives O-1 Visa

Our client is a professional racquetball player. Many years ago he hired a big law firm to do his O-1 visa so he could come to work in the US. But the petition was denied after RFE response. The big law firm decided to consult with our office and then realized that we were the real experts so they hired us to complete the process. We re-filed the O-1 based

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Chinese data scientist who missed out in the h-1b visa lottery gets O-1a Visa

Our client, Dr. X, is an amazing statistician from China. He works in Big Data science. This is where scientists take huge amounts of data – more than what a normal person with normal tools could possibly work with – and draw usable information from it. Dr. X was stressed when he came to us. He’d been working under a cap-exempt H-1B for a U.S. university, but now had a

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Computer science expert self-petition for an Eb1-1 immigrant visa approved in 20 days

Our client, Dr. X, is a highly accomplished, internationally acclaimed Modeling and Simulation Engineer.  She was born in China but is currently employed as a Senior Systems Consultant at a super computer center in the United States.  She has a solid background in mathematics and physics, focusing on mechanical engineering, computer science and material science.  She obtained her Ph.D. and Master of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering in the United

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