On your path to becoming a citizen of the United States of America, your interaction with USCIS, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, just like the US Immigration and Naturalization Service before it, may end with your N-400 Application for Naturalization. You may submit this form yourself, and prepare for all the tests and do the interview yourself, but Margaret W. Wong & Associates LLC has helped countless men and women from around the world prepare for their Naturalization by submitting accurate forms, prepare for the Speaking Test, the Reading Test, the Written Test, and the Civics Test; coordinating biometrics collection, the naturalization interview, and the naturalization ceremony.

Unknown removal order taken care of for client to receive naturalization approval

Our client retained our firm after her naturalization application was denied. Prior to obtaining lawful permanent resident status, she had an outstanding removal order. It stemmed from an application filed by an immigration consultant almost 10 years ago. She was unaware of the removal order. USCIS was also initially unaware of the order and granted her application for permanent resident status. She subsequently filed for naturalization. However, at that time

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Green Card

Chinese woman finally becomes a naturalized US Citizen

Obstacles on the path to Citizenship Ms. J was born in China and immigrated to the United States. Surprisingly, she was not living in one of the 50 states, Puerto Rico, or DC, but on the island of Saipan in the Mariana Islands. While she was there, she met and married her husband, a United States. citizen. He filed an I-130 petition for her and then she was able to

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Waiving away fraud for wife’s naturalization, allowing her new husband to get a Green Card

A Chinese woman came to our firm in January of 2011, seeking assistance with her Green Card, which she had obtained through a failed marriage to a U.S. citizen. Now divorced, we filed an I-751 (petition to remove conditions on residence) as well as an I-130 (petition for alien relative). We filed our client’s relative petition with her mother as the sponsor. To successfully obtain the Green Card, we had

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Lebanese immigrant naturalized after only one year of residency!

Naturalization in 2 ½ months with same-day swearing in. We have a Lebanese client who is living in the UAE with her USC husband. Our client came to see us after she had been a permanent resident for only one year, with very few weeks residence in the US during the previous year. We advised her that she could file for a re-entry permit in order to stay outside the

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Special case of client’s time in U.S. clarified; leads to naturalization

Our client, a Chinese national, is married to a United States Citizen (USC) and was a lawful permanent resident for the past ten years. Our client approached the USCIS and asked if she could naturalize. USCIS told her “no” because she has been out of the country too long even though she had valid re-entry permit. USCIS never inquired as to why she was out of the country during the

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Canadian national naturalized after drug trafficking accusations

Our client, a Canadian National had been a lawful permanent resident for many years. He was taking medicinal marijuana by his medical doctor’s recommendation and care. A local police department in Ohio thought our client was a drug trafficker, largely because the client still had a home in Ohio but was in the process of moving out west. The police department had raided his home and later indicted him with

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Indian immigrant overstayed Tourist Visa, arrested, left 4 years after order, returned on an i-130, married to a US citizen, and naturalized

Mr. M is a citizen of India, born in 1968. He is a Canadian national. He entered the United States in 1990 on a visitor visa. He overstayed the time allowed on his nonimmigrant visitor visa. While in the United States he purchased an employment authorization document which turned out to be fraudulent. He did not know it was fraudulent and attempted to renew it. It was at that point

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