K-1 Visa for couple in love

Love knows no borders

One simple hello can change your whole future. That’s what our client discovered when he sent a message to a woman on an online dating website. In his eyes, she was the most beautiful person he had ever seen; he quickly discovered that she had a wonderful personality to match. They began talking more and more, soon feeling as if they had known each other for years. They agreed to meet in person and he flew to see her in Kiev, Ukraine. After spending time together, they realized that they wanted to get married. But, they worried that it would not be so straightforward, since she was from another county. The couple contacted Margaret W. Wong & Associates to help them be together here in the United States. Our experienced team of immigration lawyers and staff made their process painless.

The K-1 Visa

Since they were still engaged, they had two choices to come to the U.S.: they could either get married in Ukraine and then file for an I-130 marriage petition, or they could apply for a K-1 Fiancé visa to get married here in America. They chose the latter, since it would involve the shortest wait.

Happy Ending

We helped the young couple gather all their supporting documentation and prepare their application. Later, we received a Request For Evidence, which we answered. Soon after, their K-1 Visa was approved. We next helped them prepare for their interview; their love was clearly evident, and they passed with flying colors. Now, they have recently been married and can live happily ever after in the United States. Soon, we will help them work on her Green Card.

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