We apply our substantial immigration law experience to help many people with their immigration marriage cases. Immigration marriage falls under Family Based Immigration. US citizens frequently sponsor their non-US citizen spouses for Green Cards. Immigration authorities and USCIS grant green cards to non-US citizens on the basis of marriage. We help our clients understand common questions around immigration marriage fraud and advise them on the immigration marriage interview process. Immigration marriage laws are complex and sometimes challenging. We are proud to help people successfully navigate these complexities and honored to share these immigration marriage success stories with you.

K-1 Visa for couple in love

Love knows no borders One simple hello can change your whole future. That’s what our client discovered when he sent a message to a woman on an online dating website. In his eyes, she was the most beautiful person he had ever seen; he quickly discovered that she had a wonderful personality to match. They began talking more and more, soon feeling as if they had known each other for

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Hard Work for I-601A Waiver

First Steps with Our Firm Our client, Mr. G, came to the United States from Mexico when he was just 16 years old. He was looking for a better life and found love. He met his wife, a U.S. citizen, and they started a family together, living in Ohio. After they were married, ICE came to their home one day and arrested Mr. G. Looking to get him out of

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Spouse’s last-minute naturalization saves the day!

Our client, Mr. A, is a native of Ghana. He came to the U.S. in 1998 on a visitor visa and overstayed. In July of 2010 Mr. A and his wife, a U.S. lawful permanent resident, were riding a bus when an Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer boarded and began asking passengers about their immigration status. Mr. A admitted that he had overstayed his visa, that his wife had filed

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Never switch horses midstream — unless the new horse is Margaret W. Wong & Associates

Our client, Mr. A, approached us in early 2010. He had a real mess on his hands, and was not happy with his current attorney. It seems that Mr. A had previously been ordered deported in absentia. His prior attorney’s efforts to reopen the proceedings had failed, he had a prior fake SAW application (Special Agricultural Worker), a criminal history, and a case to reopen his deportation proceeding pending with

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Marriage-based Green Card approved in Los Angeles

Mr. C is a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in China. He retained out firm to represent him, his new wife Mrs. W, and his stepson in obtaining Green Cards for the new members of the family. There were a couple of issues in their case. First, Mr. C had been married twice before to women from China. Both times he had obtained Green Cards for his wives, and

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Husband and wife from Vietnam grandfathered under 245(i)

Mr. and Mrs. L, of Vietnam, first entered the U.S. as F-1 students over a decade ago. After school they overstayed and began working without authorization. In May of 2013 they approached our office for help. Mrs. L had an approved I-140 Immigrant Petition based on an offer of employment, but they could not file their Adjustment of Status (their final Green Card papers) because they were out of status.

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Petition of alien relative: i-130, i-485, & i-765

Mrs. H had originally entered the United States from Mexico in 1985 without inspection. She obtained a Work Visa in 1987 and remained in the United States until 1992. Shortly after she again returned to Mexico until December 1995. Again, she returned to the United States in January 1996 and has remained in the United States ever since. She has never been in any removal proceeding by USCIS and has

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Gay Philippine women marry in USA, win legal permanent residence for wife

In July 2015, Margaret W. Wong & Associates was retained to represent a same-sex couple in their case. Ms. I. is a native of Philippines and a US Citizen. Ms. H., a native and citizen of Philippines came to the USA in early 2015 on a visitor visa. They were married in August of 2015 in the US (Philippines does not recognize gay marriage) and retained our office to assist

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Russian woman overstays, remarries and fights to stay in USA

Mrs. E, a Russian, came to our office to seek legal advice regarding her immigration case. She came to the U.S. with a J-1 visa, and had married a U.S. Citizen. Her then husband had petitioned for her to become a legal permanent resident. She had filed an I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative) and I-485 (Application to Adjust Status) concurrently. Unfortunately, she was not found credible at her interview with

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