Malaysian scholar suffers extreme hardship but earns Green Card

Scholar faces hardship

The strength of a family is often defined by the challenges that test each members resolve, devotion, and commitment towards achieving a common goal. For our Malaysian client and his family, building a life in the United States amidst the most extreme personal hardship proved that no challenge is too great and no goal is ever too far away. After assisting our client for over ten years, it was an excellent pleasure for our family to provide faith, hope, and opportunity for another. Our client entered the United States on a J-I visa. After scoring in the top 10% of Malaysia’s standardized testing program, he received a scholarship from the Malaysian government and enrolled in an intensive English program in California. Following the successful completion of the program, our client enrolled in the Chemical Engineering Program at a well-known university.

After earning his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, he moved to Cleveland, Ohio to pursue a practical training program. Shortly after moving to Cleveland, our client met and fell in love with his wife. She was diagnosed with gestational diabetes after she learned of her first pregnancy. Shortly thereafter, our client’s wife gave birth to a beautiful daughter, whom was hospitalized due to severe jaundice. Our client knew that in order to take care of his family, he must adjust his status and become a permanent resident of the United States. For our client to adjust status, he needed to be approved for a J-1 Waiver: a waiver of the requirement that recipients reside outside the United States for at least two years prior to returning or leaving the United States. Unfortunately, he was denied an I-485-Adjustment to Permanent Resident Status-because he did not have a J-1 Waiver.

Family grows and faces separation 

Now, our client faced new trials and tribulations of everyday life, requiring the focus, strength, and determination that came to characterize his amazing story. Our client’s wife soon gave birth to another gorgeous daughter. Unfortunately, his daughter was born prematurely and suffered from developmental problems, which required the utmost personal attention from both our client and his wife. Two years later, our client and his wife made a new addition to their family: this time, a handsome boy. For our client, leaving his wife and three children behind was out of the question. For various reasons, it was essential our client obtain a J-1 Waiver.

Transplanting his family to Malaysia would have resulted in exceptional hardship with regard to religious, cultural, political, medical, and social reasons. Furthermore, assuming our client faced deportation, it would be almost impossible for his wife to sufficiently support herself and her three children in her husband’s absence. Our lawyers, secured both asylum and work authorization while working towards getting a J-1 Waiver approved. Following years of hardship, struggle, and various personal challenges, our client finally received a J-1 Waiver! Soon afterwards, he was the direct beneficiary of an I-130-Petition for Alien Relative-filed by his wife, and later was approved for permanent resident status in the United States.

Though our client’s case was one of great length and personal difficulty, his persistence in working with us and his devotion towards his family was reinforced by the faith and hope that kept his family together, under one roof in our great country.

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