Ex-Soviet scientist receives EB-1 Visa Approval

What Dr. K needed 

Dr. K is an ex-Soviet scientist who now specializes in the planning and building of power infrastructure in developing countries (think electrical power plants, sub-stations and electrical grids). He approached us at Margaret Wong and Associates for assistance in obtaining an EB-1 “Extraordinary Ability” Green Card. You see, the best research in renewable energy technology is being done here in the U.S. Dr. K wanted to join with his old colleagues stateside and lend a hand and his expertise.

Dr. K had so much experience (decades of it, really) and so many accomplishments that it was hard to choose what to include in his petition. One of the challenges was that some of his “sexiest” work (for NASA and the MIR Space Station) was classified and couldn’t be used.

What we decided

To focus on the fact that Dr. K had “received a major internationally recognized award, similar to a Nobel Prize.” Years ago, Dr. K had been invited by the U.S. Department of State to participate in an intellectual exchange program to help modernize ex-Soviet countries. Participants were limited to professionals highly- and internationally-recognized in their fields. He had also recently been selected for recognition by a consortium of ex-Soviet countries for his contributions in the field of Engineering. This recognition was written into an act of law by the governing body and recognized throughout the participating countries.

The I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker was processed via Premium Processing, and took about two weeks. A lot of evidence regarding Dr. K was collected and submitted, so it’s hard to know what exactly the deciding factor was in Dr. K’s approval. We are sure of one thing: that it’s an honor and a privilege to assist extraordinary individuals like Dr. K! Welcome to the U.S.A!

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