Happiness after Heartbreak

In early 2019, the New York Immigration Law office of Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC handled a case for a young woman from India named Alisha who had found happiness after she came to the United States.

Leaving Heartbroken

Alisha had spent most of her life in the Madhya Pradesh province of India where she lived with her family and, later, went to college where she majored in statistics. Upon graduation, she found employment as a research analyst at a respected local firm. After a few years, she married her boyfriend, also a young professional with a promising future. Sadly, however, the marriage fell apart due to incompatibility, and Alisha was heartbroken. At the encouragement of her family and friends, she took a leave of absence from her job and traveled to the United States on a B-2 visa to where she planned to stay with relatives in New England and re-evaluate her life before returning to India.

Several weeks later, though, Alisha attended a Bollywood concert where she met a man named Reyansh, also a professional statistician, whose parents had immigrated to the United States from India before he was born, and they immediately discovered that, besides professions, they had many commonalities that included Reyansh being divorced several years prior; he could thus relate to what Alisha was going through. Not long afterward, they became engaged and all of Alisha’s family happily journeyed to Boston to attend their wedding. Moreover, since Alisha had decided to make the United States her new home, she instructed her mother to bring all of the records that might be relative to her naturalization process which filled-up a big box. In order to legally remain here, Alisha had extended her B-2 and booked an appointment with the attorneys at Margaret W. Wong and Associates, LLC but things took an unexpected turn when, only a month after marriage, Alisha and Reyansh learned that a baby was on the way.

Finding Happiness

Needless to say that the prospective parents were joyfully upbeat during their consultation at our offices and expected no problems especially since, as people devoted to detail, they had meticulously gathered all of the documentation required so that Alisha we could file simultaneously for an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative and an I-485 Application to Register Permanent Resident. Nevertheless, we cautioned them that USCIS might be a little tough because of the hastiness of their courtship and marriage; the authorities were apt to believe that it was a sham designed to help Alisha establish herself in the United States. Not surprisingly suspicion was abundant at the USCIS interview where Alisha and Reyansh were interviewed separately and extensively queried on all aspects of their lives just like what Andie MacDowell and Gerard Depardieu had to undergo in the movie “Green Card.”  Certainly, they missed a few of them (i.e. they were still learning about each other) but the newlyweds did pretty good overall no no small part due to our prepping and their mutual respect for record-keeping and minute components; they even brought photos of their baby’s ultrasound. At the conclusion of the procedure, the OSU officials admitted that they were quite impressed and indicated that Alisha’s petitions would be approved which they were after only several weeks.

In our last conversation with Alisha and Reyansh, we learned that through his connections, Alisha had some leads to some very good jobs, they were buying a big house, and, of course, they couldn’t wait to be parents.

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