Married Iranian couple receive Green Cards

Arrived with temporary visas

This married couple came from Iran in May 2015 with an H1B (temporary work visa) for the husband, a clinical researcher, and an H4 visa for the wife as an immediate relative of an H-1B holder. They settled in Texas where the husband’s Fellowship was to take place. The wife, a smart Metallurgic Engineer, started to look for a job and found a company in Cleveland, Ohio that offered her not only a job, but also the chance to sponsor her later for an Immigrant work visa (I-140). Because of his background as a medical researcher, the husband thought he would be able to get a job in the same city, and so he did, so the couple relocated in Ohio.

MWW & Associates help with Green Cards

We filed an H1B visa for her in May 2016 and it was approved in September. She started working for her employer in October. A few months later, in January 2017, we started her PERM (Labor Certification) and it was approved in February. The following month we filed the I-140 with her employer as petitioner, together with I-485 (Green Card petition). The I-140 was approved in less than a month. We continued the Green Card case and both she and her husband received their Green Cards in May 2018. They were very happy when they stopped by at our office and we handed them their Green Cards. They sent a thank you notes with compliments to our staff, especially to our excellent paralegals, who handled their case.

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