I-751 Petition for Permanent Green Card

Green Card Challenges

Ms. B was born in China. While she was still there, she met and married a U.S. citizen. She wanted to come to the United States and get her Green Card, so her husband began the process for her. She was able to get a temporary Green Card and began living in the United States. Soon, filed an I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residences. Unfortunately, the marriage began to fail, and her husband went back to China, leaving her alone for three years. He would not come back even to accompany her to the U.S. to attend the interview.

Undeterred, she went to the interview herself and explained her situation to the officer, who told her that she could adjust her case to a hardship case. Unfortunately, the officer did not tell her that she needed to submit a new form, so her application was denied. Ms. Bao had now lost her Green Card! She tried many times to contact USCIS about her situation, but to no avail.

Green Card at Last with I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions

Many years later, Ms. B came to Margaret Wong & Associates for help. We studied her case deeply to learn exactly what had happened in the past and helped her file for a new Green Card. Recently, it was time to once again file the I-751. We helped her gather all the documentation she would need to file her case. She felt daunted by the prospect of her upcoming interview, because it had been a problem last time. However, this time we made sure she was prepared and the interview went smoothly. After waiting for so long, she finally has her Green Card. She is so happy that she can at last live legally in the United States.