Green Card for New Parents

Ms. C was born in China. She went to school in China and then Japan before coming to the United States. She entered the U.S. legally on a B-2 Visa and moved to Chicago. One day, at a mall, she met a young American medical researcher. Soon, she discovered that she was unexpectedly expecting. He immediately proposed and they were soon married. They moved together to Maryland and then began the process of applying for her Green Card.

The couple contacted Margaret W. Wong & Associates to take care of their case. Our diligent staff helped them gather all the documentation to file an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative, to prove that their love and marriage was real. Her father was also ill in China. We made sure that she could get a travel document to go visit him.

During the application process, she was charged with driving without a license. She had an international driver’s license, but the officer did not accept it. We assured them that this was not likely to hurt her immigration case. Soon, we were ready to file her Green Card application. Next, Attorney Francis Fungsang prepared them for and accompanied them to their Green Card interview. We made sure that the interview went smoothly and they could answer all the questions without any trouble. Mr. Fungsang also argued that her character remained unblemished since she thought her international driver’s license was sufficient.

Ms. C recently received her green card and now lives in Maryland with her husband and young child. We are happy that we were able to give this young couple a happy ending.

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