Green Card dream come true

Mr. W’s Story of Struggle

Our client, Mr. W, was an electrical engineer in his home country of China and had traveled extensively for his work. Eventually, in 1997, his travels brought him to the United States; he entered legally, originally on a visitor visa. Once he was in this country, he was dazzled by the quality and quantity of educational opportunities here. He also began to appreciate the more free and open society, in contrast to his native China.

Unfortunately, just as he began to look for a way to go to University here, Immigration authorities found Mr. W and placed him in removal proceedings for overstaying his visa and working illegally. He paid a bond of $6,000 to get out of custody. Since money was tight, he was living in a temporary house with many other people. In the confusion, while he was away on a trip, he missed his hearing notice. Later, an Immigration Judge ordered him removed from the country in absentia.

After several years, Mr. W’s wife and daughter joined him here in the United States. His daughter became a naturalized U.S. citizen and eventually began attending University herself. She also began to suffer from a serious mental illness and Mr. W lovingly cared for her.

Margaret W. Wong & Associates on the Case

Mr. W came to Margaret W Wong & Associates to help him remain in this country that he has come to love so much so that he could care for his daughter. First, since his daughter is a U.S. citizen, we helped her to file an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative on his behalf. USCIS approved this with no problem. From this, we also helped Mr. W file an application for a Green Card. Because of this change in his circumstance, we were able to file a Motion to Reopen about his case that argued that his removal would result in extreme hardship to his ill daughter, who relied on him for care. An Immigration Judge approved this Motion. Next, we represented Mr. W at his first hearing. We talked with the Immigration Judge and the Government Attorney and they agreed to terminate the case, upon our motion. We quickly filed that Motion to Terminate and the Immigration Judge granted it.

When we told the client, he cried with joy that he would soon be a legal resident in the United States. This has been his dream for over twenty years. Margaret W. Wong & Associates helped him achieve it in two years of hard work. This case required the combined efforts of many of our Attorneys and Staff to get the job done.

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