Filipino medical doctor overstayed – secured a Green Card

Arrived with J-1 visa as a student – overstayed

We handled a case for a Filipino medical doctor. With his qualifications, job offers, and background he had everything to make a great living in USA. However he had a serious concern regarding his immigration case. He came to USA under a J-1 visa as a student exchange visitor in a hospital. He started working later under an H1B, which would expire in December 2002. Before that, however, the hospital closed. He overstayed, because he was young and not aware of the consequences of overstaying. He was shocked when the removal case against him started, and he felt even worse because he had good job offers to consider, and he could lose all his good opportunities.

Fearing deportation we advised him to leave voluntary

We took his case and filed an RIR (Reduction in Recruitment) and Labor Certification in May 2013. More importantly, we advised him to ask for voluntary departure, instead of being deported. He followed our advice and went back to Philippines in December 2013, with a prospective employer retaining us to file his H1B visa (Non-Immigrant Visa for Alien Worker).  and was issued  in Manila, Philippines, in May 2014. He came back to USA and started working for the employer. In July 2014, his labor Certification was approved. Within a month we filed I-140 (Immigrant Work Visa), which was approved in December same year. In March 2015 we filed his I-485 application for Green Card.  In January 2018 we gave him the good news: his Green Card had been finally approved, now he could enjoy the career and life he worked so hard for.

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