Fighting for a Green Card

Green Card Application Stalled

Terror in China

Our client, Ms. C, was born in China in 1972, in Northern China. She met and married her husband in China and they had a baby girl. Because of China’s one-child policy, she was forced to accept an IUD (Intrauterine device) birth control implant with regular checkups. At one of these checkups, Chinese officers discovered that the IUD had fallen out and she was pregnant. She herself did not even know about it until that moment. Her joy quickly turned to terror, as she was forcibly taken to another room and the baby was aborted without her consent, before she even told her husband. Doctors once again inserted an IUD.  She and her husband dearly wanted to have another child, but were afraid of what would happen if the pregnancy were discovered. They hid in a friend’s house, but Chinese police found them. Once again, they took her to a hospital and performed a forced operation. They inserted a third IUD and warned her that if she became pregnant or took out the IUD again, she would be sterilized.

Asylum and Trouble

Ms. C knew she had to escape the oppressive Chinese regime, so she fled to the United States. With the help of another attorney, she gained Asylum. However, the very day after her Asylum hearing, her attorney was accused of misconduct. Because of this, the Department of Homeland Security called her asylum into question and she could not proceed to a Green Card.

Green Card at Last

Ms. C came to Margaret W. Wong & Associates to fight for her. Our attorney, Fabiola Cini, took up her case. Her Green Card application stalled because of her old attorney’s misconduct. She herself had done nothing wrong and was genuinely terrified of returning back to China. We filed a Writ of Mandamus lawsuit to get the process moving again. We worked with the client and with the government to clear the way for her Green Card, overcoming a Request for Evidence and a Notice of Intent to Deny. Because of our hard work, Ms. C recently received her Green Card. She and her family can now live here in the United States free from fear as they raise their daughter.

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