British client and her husband, a Canadian citizen, receive Green Cards

Our clients have exchange visitor (J-1 Visa)

Our British client and her husband, a Canadian citizen, just got their Green Cards. She was living in USA since 1999, under a J-1 (exchange visitor) visa. Later, she was offered a job as a teacher in a University and we were retained to help her get a permanent work visa and Green Cards for both. We informed them about the need for a waiver of the 2 year residence requirement that applies for J-1 visa holders, who are asked to go back to their home country for at least two years. July 2005 was a crucial month, because we filed the waiver, both with USCIS and the Department of State; in the same month we concurrently filed I-140 (Immigrant worker visa) for her and I-485 and I-765 (Green Card and work authorization) for she and her husband.

Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up

The I-140 was filed under the EB-12 category, as an outstanding professor and researcher, given her PhD and specialization in Geomorphology and satellite studies. In only two months the I-140 and work authorizations were approved. We continued doing follow-up for the waiver, until it was approved in July 2006. We had to wait two more years for the processing time of the Green Cards, constantly following up, however all this time we made sure they maintained status and renewed their work authorizations. Finally our clients were scheduled for an interview in June 2008 and, three weeks later, their Green Cards came in the mail. They were very happy with the approvals and the support from our office during the whole process.

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