Green Card

Green Cards are the permit allowing immigrants to permanently live and work in the United States of America. Green Cards are also known as “Lawful Permanent Resident Card”. Green Card holders are known as “Permanent Residents” and can stay as long as they like, even become a U.S. citizen after five years. Green Cards do have to be renewed every 10 years, like passports. There are many approaches to achieve permanent residence status as you can see by the following Margaret W. Wong and Associates client success stories. They are just some examples of those who have obtained their Green Cards and are now Permanent Residents of the United States of America. If you are looking for help to become a permanent resident – please contact us today!

Green Card Application Stalled

Fighting for a Green Card

Terror in China Our client, Ms. C, was born in China in 1972, in Northern China. She met and married her husband in China and they had a baby girl. Because of China’s one-child policy, she was forced to accept an IUD (Intrauterine device) birth control implant with regular checkups. At one of these checkups, Chinese officers discovered that the IUD had fallen out and she was pregnant. She herself

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Green Card for a Bulgarian

A Chance Meeting An American citizen from Ohio wanted to get a Green Card for his wife, who is from Varna, Bulgaria. They have a romantic story that feels like a movie script. They met by chance on a cruise ship together. At the end of the trip, they continued communicating with each other and began to fall more and more in love. He even went to visit her in

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Long Wait for Green Card

Waiting Patiently to Apply Mr. G came to the United States from Mexico in the 1990s. Soon, he was able to gain permanent residence and filed an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative for his daughter. The next step is to apply for a Green Card with an I-485 Application for Permanent Residence. However, the government only gives out a small number of visas every year and so there is very

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Green Card dream come true

Mr. W’s Story of Struggle Our client, Mr. W, was an electrical engineer in his home country of China and had traveled extensively for his work. Eventually, in 1997, his travels brought him to the United States; he entered legally, originally on a visitor visa. Once he was in this country, he was dazzled by the quality and quantity of educational opportunities here. He also began to appreciate the more

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Chinese immigrant married in jail receives a Green Card

Final order of deportation leads to jail We were retained by a Chinese client on February 10, 2011. Our first meeting with the client he was not in jail.  He came to the United States on April 12, 1994 and had an old case back in January 1995 which was denied, which gave him a final order of deportation. At the time we met, he was single, but he had

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Client overstayed we got her a permanent Green Card

Her Green Card Story Our Client, Ms. W,  immigrated to the United States from China. She entered the country on a visitor visa but overstayed. While here, she found love and got married to a U.S. citizen. Because of her marriage, she was able to apply for a Green Card, which was approved. However, since she had been married to her husband for less than two years, she only received

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Research technologist gains Green Card

Started as a student  Our client, a research technologist from Bangladesh, came to USA in 1996 as a student under an F-1 Visa. His wife came with an F-2 (as a spouse of F-1 visa holder). While he was attending the school he was allowed to work on OPT (Optional Practical Training). After graduation he started working on H-1B with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation who agreed to sponsor his Green

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Japanese client gets I-140 and Green Card approval

Company sponsors Japanese client  Our client came from Japan for the first time on an H-1B visa. Our law firm filed his I-129 (H-1B) Petition on April 25, 2002. His H-1B Approval came in the mail shortly after that (May 17, 2002). After three years his employer decided to extend his H-1B Visa and continue employing him. This time the company requested to file his I-129 Petition using Premium Processing,

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South Korean couple makes leap to permanent residence

They go from student visas to work permits to Green Cards Mr. and Mrs. Y traveled from South Korea to the United States in pursuit of enhancing their education and their journey began. They both earned a Bachelor’s Degree from a university in Georgia, and upon graduation, they became aware their student visas were about to expire. Fortunately, the couple used their qualifications to apply for jobs in the U.S.

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Mexican son receives a Green Card through Step-Father

Married mom seeks asylum as son receives Green Card After being married to her US citizen husband for two months, a Mexican woman came to our firm to inquire about legalizing her status. Before her marriage, our client entered the United States in 2001 with her son. Because the mother had been in the United States for over ten years, we found she was eligible for 10-year cancellation, and we

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