Microbiologist from Nigeria granted EB-2 Visa

Microbiologist seeks permanent residence

Our client is a Nigerian-born Microbiologist, employed as faculty at Texas A&M University. He came to Margaret W. Wong & Associates with an H-1B Visa hoping to gain permanent residence in the United States through the EB-2 Visa program. We determined that he was eligible for the National Interest Waiver category as an accomplished microbiologist. We worked with him to develop his case and collected documentation in support of his extraordinary abilities. In his home country, he studied Applied Microbiology at the prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University. He served his country working at a center to control Tuberculosis and at a U.S. sponsored non-governmental organization to educate youth on HIV/AIDS. He was then a visiting research associated at Newcastle University in Great Britain in 2008. He began his Ph.D. studies at the University of North Texas in 2009. For his research and teaching at that university, he received numerous accolades, scholarships, and grants, most notably the Beth Baird Scholarship award, which recognizes outstanding potential in graduate students in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of North Texas.

His research has resulted in numerous published articles and participation at many international conferences. One such work examined the risk of foodborne illness in prepackaged vegetables past their expiry date. Another examined the increasingly vital area of biofuel, using two different engineered microorganisms to more efficiently create usable ethanol. He has brought his expertise to teach at several American universities; he is currently an Instructional Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University.

It is our client’s passion to study microbiology and to mentor and teach the subject to students in order that they might make a better life for themselves and for their country. Furthermore, there is currently a marked shortage of trained Ph.D.-level microbiologists in the United States, so our client’s work is all the more meaningful and important for the nation, hence is eligibility for the National Interest Waiver.

We filed

His 1-140 RFE application and less than one year after his initial consultation with us, our client was granted an EB-2 Visa. He is now a permanent resident of the United States of America, where he continues to work for the advancement of human knowledge, the education of the next generation of Americans, and the betterment of society through science.

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